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How to add reaction gifs/images to a reblogged post with the new Tumblr update.

Hi, I’m sure a lot of you have already figured this out, but for anyone that hasn’t I figured I could help!

It’s a pain, but it’s better than no reaction gifs at all. SO, let’s say I want to reblog this drawing of Destiel… because I do. But I want to post a reaction but new Tumblr won’t let me! OR you don’t want to have to save every reaction gif you ever want to use to your computer just so you can upload it into a post because that sucks.

1. Once your reblog screen is open, click on the little <html> thingie.

2. This will bring up a popup in which you can edit the html of the post. Here, type in <img src=”whatever the url to the gif is.gif”> Click “update” on the bottom right of that box.

3. BOOM. You now have Simon Cowell swooning over the adorable-ness of Destiel and you can reblog as such.

Pro-tips: Hang onto <img src=”gifurl”> and copy it into a notepad or something if you think you can’t remember it at first.
If you’re reblogging a text post, make sure you insert <img src=”gifurl”> UNDERNEATH the text of the original post!

I hope this helps to bring back a little normalcy and functionality of the Tumblr we know and love to some of you :D

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